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Tooling Industry & Joint Technology Initiative (JTI)


The formalization of the European Tooling Platform within MANUFUTURE allow the European Tooling Industry to have a formal representation in the MANUFUTURE High Level Group, participating in its main strategic decisions.

Since the focus is on the Industry needs, the European Tooling Platform promotes an integrated and intelligent system to monitor policies and competitive issues and propose future actions to be taken at the different levels (local, regional, national and European) to reinforce the competitiveness of the whole European Industry.

A set of initiatives are being promoted by MANUFUTURE, namely a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) in production technologies, in the scope of the “Factories of the Future” Initiative.

Considering the formalization of the European Tooling Platform as a MANUFUTURE sub-Platform, the participation of the Tooling Industry (as a horizontal enabler) in this JTI can be foreseen, in line with its Technological Road Map defined for the MANUFUTURE. Within this context, the European Tooling Platform will propose to actively participate in the JTI development process, namely indicating relevant topics to address complementary research at a global level, for the next years.

The Management of the European Tooling Platform will coordinate this work with the MANUFUTURE Technology Platform, to maintain the integrative consistency with the global policy of MANUFUTURE.


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